Ways to Raise: 12L Games Fundraising

We've completed the official 12 Labours WOD, got our official Games tee's and tanks, and there are still chances to contribute to the 12 Labours Team on their trip back to the CrossFit Games. There are still three ways to support these athletes:

1. 12 Labours Bracelets: Arm candy galore

We've partnered with a local designer, Mara of Stamped Shop to bring you 12 Labours CrossFit bracelets. Choose between two original designs, with a percentage of each purchase going towards the teams trip. Each bracelet is hand made and completely unique. You can order your bracelets to ship directly to you, or pick up your order at the lululemon shop night (details below).

12L bracelets.jpg

2. lululemon athletica Shop Night - 12 Labours Exclusive!

Join the CrossFit community at the lululemon shop night! This after hours shopping experience will be unlike any other.

Food, games, giveaways, and a lot of dancing will be available. Shop from 7-9PM on Sunday July 12th. A percentage of each purchase helps the team. Get your lululemon fix AND help the team... it's a win-win.

3. GoFundMe

$1, $20, or more... all contributions helps and is greatly appreciated. The team has a gofundme page for any donations.

Thank you for your continued support.

While fundraising helps ease the cost of traveling, there is an invaluable piece of the Games experience that far outweighs the dollar signs. Your continued support and motivation means the world to team 12 Labours. We are all one community, and cannot wait to represent everyone in California.

Keep training. Keep moving. #12labours