What the CrossFit Games Represents: The 12L Story

Whether you walk through the doors of 12 Labours CrossFit as a former athlete, a habitual gym-goer, or are completely new to fitness; our goal since day-one has been simple: optimize human performance.

The 12 Labours competitors approach their training with that mentality as well, to the enth degree. They strive to redefine what is possible. But this does not come by simply wishing for the best, it comes from continuous effort on a daily basis. That effort can at times seem extremely taxing mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not to mention the sacrifices that are made on behalf of the goal. But big dreams require an even larger commitment to oneself and to the team. And as three years of commitment have shown, the payoff is big for these athletes. Team 12 Labours is heading back to Carson, California to represent Maryland Affiliates in the 2016 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup.

Whether you’ve trained head to head with the team members, taken one of their classes, or simply support this group; there is a mutual understanding: the 12L Lions are not here by accident. They are the result of their environment, and of their sheer desire to succeed. They compete because they want to optimize their performance as individuals and as a team.

Support your team: 12L Gear

But they also believe in 12 Labours full heartedly and what the gym represents. For many people, this is not just a gym. It is, in many aspects of the word, a family. Whatever obstacles come our way on the competition floor, or in our own lives, there is a level of comfort and understanding that is found within the community. And while we have all endured our own struggles, we have all also overcome. It is a testament to the innate desire all humans have to not only optimize performance, but to truly optimize our lives.

As the 12 Labours Lions continue to train for their moment in California, the rest of the community is preparing too. We have created special Games packages to enhance your experience in Carson, California as a spectator while watching these athletes compete.

Whether you’re heading to Carson, or watching the live feed (at work...maybe..but we won’t tell) make sure to prepare to support the team. They’re working hard to represent you on the big stage.

Head over to our 12L Merch site to stock up. This is presale only and will go until June 30th.

Our Official Games Package includes

  • Official 12 Labours Lions TShirt (Mens) or Tank Top (Womens)
  • Box of PurePharma A3
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  • 12 Labours Shades
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