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What we learned in Cali: Part 2 "Powerful Beyond Measure"

The team has been back in Maryland for about a week, the dust has settled, and most of us are unpacked and back into the regular swing of things. But we are all forever affected by the 2015 Games experience. Here are the last few things we learned while on the other Coast. It doesn't have much to do with the team on the field, but with the supporters in the stands and scattered around the world.

Lesson 1-100: We are powerful beyond measure.

Luke said it pretty well at our post-Games Cali meet up, and while I didn't record the speech, I'm going to paraphrase:

We set out this year to get back to Cali however we could. I can't describe the feeling of stepping out on the field with this team, it's just amazing. But being able to hear your members and supporters screaming for you from the stands.. is even cooler.

Getting to California from Maryland is no small adventure. It requires some intricate planning. While other teams had a five hour drive to Carson, you hopped on a plane and came to support the team. Seeing the sea of pink in the crowd was so absolutely amazing... and battling cheers between Invictus and NorCal was pretty sick too.


Opening CrossFit BWI, Syndicate (now Columbia), and Annapolis all require a bit of work and sacrifice. While the goal was to build a strong community bound together by the common thread of fitness, something even more powerful formed. This community is strong beyond measure. It is a support system that rivals any other team, but much larger.

Just as the cheers in the crowd supported team 12 Labours, coaches and athletes alike are all in your corner during every single WOD. Our goal is to help you just like you've helped us.

Here's to another year of PR's, challenges, more 12L memories, and reaching for another trip to Carson in 2016.

Thank you.