CrossFit Games Day 1 WOD 1

What we've learned in Cali: Part 1

It has been four days in California and there has been a lot happening since we first landed on Sunday. The strength of this team is represented on the field but is also experienced as we all live together for one week. Spending all of your time with teammates and friends brings out the best in all of us... and also helps us learn about each other in ways we probably didn't plan.

Here are the top 12 things we've learned:

12 Labours in the House:

1. In 4 days, the team has gone through 10 dozen eggs, (That's 120 eggs), 4 lbs. of gluten-free oats, 24 Power Supply meals, 14 lbs. of meat, and two trips to Counter Burger.

2. Teresa is very good at folding laundry and doing Jimmy's hair.

Jimmy is now rocking a new hairstyle to keep up with the Cali style: the man pony.

3. It does in fact rain in California. We brought the humidity from Maryland.

4. Coach Ryan eats coffee for breakfast.

5. Rocking chairs are safety hazards in houses. (they eat toes like boxes eat shins)

6. Kevin Hart can make anyone laugh.

CrossFit Games Day 1:

1. The rescue raft didn't get easier after one year.

2. Worm deadlifts are the only deadlifts that Luke doesn't like.

3. The Reebok swag is ON POINT.

4. Christen hook-grips while running.

5. The team is on the prowl for the athlete who flutter kicked in their faces.

6. Best recovery tools: cookies and cream milkshakes w/ peanut butter, Normatec boots, and excessive sleep