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Why we love the basics

As the sport of fitness continues to grow, we continue to shape our classes and coaching to help athletes understand fitness at the most basic element; which is "constantly varied functional fitness performed at a high intensity." This includes an understanding of the fundamental movement patterns, modal domains, that pervade every WOD: squats, deadlifts, pushups, etc.

While all new members used to complete a separate Foundations Class, we now mix the class with new and existing members, Elements. Whether you're brand new to CrossFit or a seasoned vet, re-learning the basics can only help in your fitness journey.

We offer Clinics and Workshops for the same reason we have an all-levels Elements class; an understanding of movement basics can dramatically improve your overall fitness. Proper movement is the base, strength, agility, endurance, all benefit.

The idea of 12 Labours comes from an understanding that fitness is a process. Hercules had to travel the world over 12 years to complete 12 versatile tasks- modal domains if you will.

The tasks were intended to be a list of impossibilities but Hercules valiantly completed them all. His virtuous struggles enabled him to become the embodiment of the Greek notion of Pathos. It lead Hercules to fame and more importantly, eternal health and immortality.

While we can't promise immortality, we can confidently dote the positive effects of fitness. Take the steps that you need to achieve your goals, whether it's attending an Elements class, committing to a membership, or attending one of our Workshops- you're investing in your fitness, and moving further to your version of eternal health.

Keep Moving.