Why you should drink more water

As warmer weather approaches, water consumption is typically a hot topic. While we always preach adequate hydration throughout the day, there are many benefits to getting enough water:

  • Great skin

  • healthy digestive system

  • decreased ear, nose, and throat conditions,

  • effective use of nutrients in food

The effects of hydration are great, but how much water should you drink? The old adage of 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day may be easy to remember, but doesn’t reflect true hydration needs.

The Institute of Medicine has determined that men need roughly 3 liters of fluid, and women need roughly 2 liters per day. This increases by 1 to 2 cups per hour of exercise, or if you are ill or breastfeeding.

Notice the term fluid.

Remember, if you are drinking coffee (yes, coffee!), tea, or other beverages, you can count those toward your fluid intake. Also those who are following a high vegetable and fruit diet are getting some of their fluid intake from their food (as well as really beneficial nutrients)!

Lastly, if you are worried about your hydration status, use your color wheel to check your “water output.” Near-clear or light straw colored urine is considered a healthy hydration status.


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