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WTF is happening at the CrossFit Games:

How to watch/follow along and what we know.

We've been seeing a lot of teal from the 12 Labours crew, and a lot of nothing from the Games director, Dave Castro- but that only can lead us to believe that this year is going to be pretty exciting.

Until there is more known about Friday-Sunday's festivities, here are a few spots to look, some places we want you to be for entertainment, and some helpful hints we have for you as the 2016 CrossFit Games get underway.

As you read this article, the individuals are finishing one of their events at The Ranch in Aromas, California.... yeah that was a surprise.

Event 1 was a 7k trail run. Event 2 is a Deadlift ladder that runs less than 20 minutes after the run finishes.

All of the events, as they are released, will be posted on

And any event happening on Wednesday July 20 will be covered on the Games website as well as all social media channels.

Our friends at The Morning Chalk-Up also have a team covering the happenings of this weekend so if you haven't subscribed to their newsletter yet (all things CrossFit, all the time....It's a must) make sure to do so HERE.

Extras: Snapchat and Facebook Live

Facebook Live Notifications
Facebook Live Notifications

If you're on social media at all, you may be following along on instagram:

Also make sure you are subscribed to Facebook Live for the CrossFit Games AND for 12 Labours. We will be sharing an interview with the athletes during some of their downtime this week if their schedule allows for it.

See info to set notifications for the live videos.

Finally, make sure to follow along on Snapchat with the 12 Labours Lions. We will be sharing their athlete experience as well as the fan experience.