12L Nutririon Challenge

Nutrition Challenge 2017: Open Ready. Life Ready.

This is a challenge reimagined. It's not one of those things that you do for a month and then forget about until next year. The 2017 Winter Nutrition Challenge with 12 Labours is geared to help you put the little pieces together- from goals and performance, to nutrition and recovery.

We truly believe that this can benefit you in multiple ways, which is why this year we're stepping up the stakes (or steaks...) and hosting a 60-day nutrition challenge.

The challenge kicks off with something unrelated (seemingly) to food: goals.

Our annual "Find Your Why" goal-setting workshop will be on January 21, 2017. Immediately following that, you will learn about the Nutrition Challenge.

We will help you understand what to eat, when, and why. But we will also introduce various other elements to the challenge that include preventative care (not just mobility, think Active Life Athletics). We will be keeping track of everything via our points system; but the rest will be simple: you commit to the challenge, and will be working towards making lasting lifestyle changes. Are you in?