Resolution Games; Year 4

The Resolution Games.....year four and onward. The inter-gym competition between all 12 Labours Locations is back!

The competition will consists of 2-person teams (male/male or female/female). Teams have the option to compete RX or Scaled. This is a great way to compete amongst friends, exhibit your strengths, and work with a fellow lion It's also an opportuniy to see what it's like to do a competition whether you're brand new or a seasoned vet.

Judging opportunities available as well! See the volunteer space if you want to help out and leave a comment with your preference (volunteer or judge)

Challenge yourself and your workout buddies from all locations. This is a LIVE way to see how you stack up outside of the Wodify coachboard and is also a great way to gear up for The Open! Fun prizes, t-shirts, and more perks are all advantages of this community event exclusive to 12 Labours members.

** Competitor spaces are ONLY open to current 12 Labours members **

See link below to register!