12 Labours Individual Programming

In some cases athletes need and want specifically tailored programs to fit their needs and maximize performance. We offer both remote and on-site individual program design for athletes. Both options begin with an Assessment phase to develop a plan and understand the athlete’s specific needs, background, goals and level of ability.


Athletes can get individualized programs from a remote location with constant feedback from coaches via email, Skype and phone. Clients will have the ability to workout at their own facility, but have the added benefit of a full time Coach in their corner. Nutritional guidance can also be provided to maximize their experience and fitness.

With Monthly Online Exclusive coaching, you’ll receive the following:

  • 30-minute phone/Skype consultation every 6 weeks
  • Individualized nutritional analysis and prescription as required
  • Daily, monthly or weekly individualized exercise program design
  • Ongoing email support


With access to any 12 Labours Open Gym at any of our 3 locations, athletes can choose to do individualized programming on site. Coaches are available for immediate feedback and discussion within this program. Programs are provided bi-weekly and monthly.